EU and China Sign Landmark Agreement Protecting European Geographical Indications

Brussels, November 8, 2021 – In a significant move to promote cultural heritage and protect European geographical indications, the European Union (EU) and China have recently signed a landmark agreement. This agreement aims to safeguard the authenticity and integrity of European products, ensuring their recognition and respect in the Chinese market.

The EU has been actively working to establish bilateral agreements that protect its unique and traditional products, such as wines, cheeses, and agricultural products. The joint commitment with China marks a crucial milestone in this endeavor.

European geographical indications play a significant role in the EU’s culture and economy. They not only ensure the quality and reputation of products but also support local communities and businesses. The agreement is set to benefit both European producers and Chinese consumers, who will have access to genuine, high-quality European products.

The signing of this agreement comes at a time when international trade relations are undergoing significant shifts, with increasing globalization and interconnectedness. The EU-China agreement serves as a testament to the importance of cooperation and mutual respect in maintaining sustainable trade practices.

In addition to protecting geographical indications, the EU and China have also pledged to deepen their collaboration in other areas. This includes joint research and innovation projects, cultural exchanges, and educational endeavors, fostering stronger ties between the two regions.

While this agreement focuses on the EU-China relationship, other countries are also actively participating in similar initiatives. Protecting cultural heritage, regional identities, and traditional products has become a global priority.

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The EU and China’s landmark agreement on protecting European geographical indications signifies a step forward in international cooperation, sustainability, and cultural preservation. It sets an example for global efforts in preserving regional identities and ensuring the authenticity of traditional products.

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